Zoom has introduced its latest update 5.0 with various security and privacy improvements.

Zoom has introduced its latest update 5.0 with various security and privacy improvements.

Zoom has launched a 5.0 update to its popular video conferencing service with various security and privacy enhancements that offer the business some breathing room despite public backlash. The Indian government has released an advisory saying that Zoom is not a suitable platform for official communication, restricting its employees to using the app for official work.

The latest update from Zoom addresses this outrage with upgraded security capabilities such as support for AES 256-bit encryption, the ability to report a user and more. In a statement to the press, Zoom CPO Oded Gal said, “Everything is being put into the intense review from our network to our feature set to our user interface. On the back end, AES 256-bit GCM encryption should lift the bar to safe in-transit data from our users. I am most enthusiastic at the front end about the Security icon in the Meeting menu bar. This takes our current and new security features and places them at the front and core of our meeting hosts. It would mean they have direct access to critical security controls in their meetings with millions of new customers.”


The latest update to Zoom introduces more comprehensive network support with new control options and an emphasis on improving user experience. The update includes support for the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard that improves the security of transmitted data between calls, making it safe from unauthorized access.

The new encryption technology will be rolled out to Zoom Meeting, Webinar and Phone data will be enabled on May 30, after the 5.0 upgrade has been seeded on all accounts. Administrators can now select which data centre to route traffic to the Zoom Meeting.

The latest update also introduces to the video calling interface a dedicated security menu button, which brings together all the required security options. Zoom meeting hosts would also be able to submit Security settings to a server and prevent participants from modifying their log-in names.

Zoom users who have a Basic, Education or Pro account can now find that by default the waiting room is allowed for hosts to keep the participants ready to join the meeting. By default, the update also activates meeting passwords and hosts may also change the complexity of the password.

Hosts can access call records stored on cloud storage without passwords but anyone else will require a password to access such records.

Zoom 5.0 also includes organizations in support of linking contacts through multiple accounts so individuals can quickly check for meetings and chats.

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