Xiaomi launched its latest Mi AirDots Pro 2s with wireless charging at $58.

Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2s

Xiaomi unveiled the Mi AirDots Pro 2s at its China event, which is an improved variant of the Mi AirDots Pro 2 launched last year. 

It has the same configuration and comes with Bluetooth 5.0, LDHC Hi-Res audio codec, smart voice controls, two microphones for environmental noise cancellation (ENC), 14.2 mm drivers and automatically connects to the phone operating MIUI when you open the case and pick up the earphones, although the company claims that the dual Bluetooth chip has been enhanced so that the latency between the headsets and the interference is reduced to offer a stable connection.

Another inclusion is the latest case with support for Qi wireless charging. It also provides a maximum life of up to 24 hours over 14 hours in the predecessor and a standalone battery life of up to 5 hours over 4 hours.

Mi AirDots Pro 2s specifications

  • Bluetooth 5.0 (LDHC/SBC/AAC codes) to connect to Android and iOS devices
  • 14.2mm drivers
  • Touch controls for volume and track change
  • Dual microphones for noise cancellation, voice control
  • Infrared sensor for intelligent wear detection so it automatically pauses when you remove them
  • Semi-in-ear design to fit your ear canal, making it comfortable to wear and doesn’t fall off easily.
  • Each headset weigh just 4.5 grams, Case weighs 52 grams
  • 5hours of standalone playback, 24 hours with the case, USB Type-C charging for the case to charge in 1 hour, Qi wireless charging

The Mi AirDots Pro 2s comes in white colour, is priced at 399 yuan (US$ 59 / Rs. 4,499 approx.) and will go on sale on mi.com in China from April 9th.

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