Trump administration blacklisted five Amazon foreign websites.

Trump administration blacklisted five Amazon foreign websites.

Five of the international websites of online retail giant Amazon is placed on a blacklist by Trump administration.

The e-commerce sites have been linked to a list of “notorious industries” in the UK, Germany, France, India and Canada.

The office of the US trade representative claimed the platforms were promoting the selling of illegal and pirated goods. Amazon stated the move was politically driven, and heavily invested in stopping illegal activity.

The office of the trade representative said the inclusion of the Amazon sites was the result of complaints from US companies about the selling of fake products. Although the list does not bear any legal weight, it brings the focus on certain companies that are listed, particularly because they become household names like Amazon.

Amazon has defined the inclusion of its sites as a “political act” motivated by President Donald Trump’s apparent dislike of Jeff Bezos, its founder and chief executive.

“This solely political move is just another indication of the administration manipulating the U.S. government to pursue a personal vendetta against Amazon,” the company said in a statement.

The online retail company has claimed it has made major technological advances to combat the selling of fraudulent goods on its websites. The US website of Amazon has been left out of the list.

According to the report, complaints indicated that the Amazon sites did not have specific vendor details and that the method of eliminating platforms offering counterfeit products was “long and burdensome.”

In Amazon’s statement, it claimed it had spent extensively in solving the issue and removed more than 6 billion bad listings before they were published last year on the site.

“We are an active, committed stakeholder in fighting counterfeit,” an Amazon spokesperson said. Mr. Trump has often clashed with Amazon and with Mr. Bezos on a personal basis, who owns the Washington Post newspaper. President Trump has said in the past that Amazon doesn’t pay enough in taxes.

Last year, Amazon confronted the US Department of Defense in court after being turned over for a Pentagon cloud storage deal that went to Microsoft for $10bn (£8bn). The deal is being halted as the claims are being reviewed by federal judges.

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