Lenovo launches SmarterEd education platform, partnering with a non-profit organisation.

Lenovo launches SmarterEd education platform, partnering with a non-profit organisation.

The Chinese technology company Lenovo, in partnership with eVidyaloka, a non-profit organisation in India, has launched the SmarterEd education platform. The free online portal is built to engage Indian youth to participate in the digital remodelling of the education system by pairing learners in one-on-one online learning sessions with volunteer educators.

The Lenovo SmarterEd platform helps students from classes V to XII to choose their professors, choose the topic they want to learn, and take the time to study as conveniently as they want. It has connections for the learners to NCERT and State syllabus ebooks, and also provides a chat engine for a smooth contact between student and teacher. This platform supports various languages like English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and several others. English and Hindi are now available, while the remaining languages will be accessible later.

Teachers and students are matched using an algorithm which takes into account their respective styles of teaching and learning.

India faces a shortfall of one million students, with a dropping student-to-teacher ratio, according to government statistics. Limitations attributable to COVID-19 have compounded educational difficulties, especially for those from poorer backgrounds or remote regions.

Rahul Agarwal, Lenovo, India CEO and managing director, said, “Technology has the ability to solve challenges, build possibilities and change the way we all live, learn and work. SmarterEd is safe, incredibly open, enriching and a specific educational platform fit for today’s scenario, where schools across the country were forced to suspend classes. Through this platform, we want to promote quality education to all segments of society.”

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